Sunday, 21 December 2014


Silverlake is a good fundamental stock and currently it is well supported.

Stop buy or buy only @ $1.265
Stop loss @ $1.205

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Ho ho hoo !!!

Yesterday night US Fed Chair Janet Yellen injected another steroid to the bull and today the global market all shot up. Even all 3 dead stocks mentioned yesterday became temporary alive today. This is how powerful the steroid is.

Crude oil will rebound from here and as stated in my last Saturday Unit Trust seminar, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam markets all touched the forecasted support level and rebounded. All these timing couldn't have been better for next week santa claus RALLY. Santa Claus is giving second round of present again next week. Make sure you are there to receive it.

Below are 2 stock calls for tomorrow. Enjoy!

Stop buy or buy only @ $0.405
Stop loss @ $0.335
Exit once profit is good.

Stop buy or buy only @ $1.21
Stop loss @ $1.155

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

We Helped The Needy

Yesterday, I received a message in my facebook from a reader who used the stock calls here to profit consistently from the stock market.

He made good money on my short calls on hyflux and ezra which was posted here.

I decided to post the conversation here because he will be donating $5 000 (30% of his winning) to the needy. It takes a winning mindset for one to give and share with others what ones has. He is on the right track to wealth abundance because everything starts from the mind. If you have the correct mindset, everything you do will be right and you will do well in life.

I hope this blog can help and benefit more such persons who in turn help the poor and needy out there.

By the way, I am still holding on to Hyflux since 17/11/2014. Still have no chance to exit and take profit yet.

Dead Stock - Just Short It !

At the moment, dead stocks are everywhere. Just choose your favourite one and short it using CFD account. Don't need to ask why. Don't need to ask when. When the price is right, just short it.

Stop sell or sell using CFD only @ $0.42
Stop loss @ $0.47

Stop sell or sell using CFD only @ $0.765
Stop loss @ $0.845

Stop sell or sell using CFD only @ $1.955
Stop loss @ $2.095

Monday, 15 December 2014

Super Group

Super Group is a super dead stock. Just short it to collect dividend everyday.

For those who miss this stock on 7/12/14, here is your chance to short it !

Stop sell or sell using CFD only @ $1.095
Stop loss @ $1.155

Noble Group

Currently, the number of dead stock is growing in the market.

Here is another one. Enjoy the smooth ride down !

For those who had missed this on 1/12/14. This is your last chance to short it !

Stop sell or sell using CFD only @ $1.095
Stop loss @ $1.18

Trade And Invest According To The Chart. No If, No But.

Stock Trading Course 2015

Last saturday, I concluded another beneficial Unit Trust seminar, teaching the audience the correct and proper way of investing in Unit trust. Imparting them the technique of extracting regular profit from the market in a safe and steady manner to grow their CPF and cash money. 

After the seminar,all of them realised why in the past 10 years they had not profited or lost money from Unit Trust investing. They realised there is nothing wrong with the product, it is just that they used the wrong method and strategy. Now that they are armed with the correct strategy, I am very sure they will have no problem meeting the CPF minimum sum scheme and be able to retire comfortably.

Some of the audience also told me that they lose money using the stock pick here because after they entered the trade, they have problem managing it, shifting the stop loss and exiting. Because of this major issue and the incessant email from the public requesting me to conduct stock trading course because they love the stock pick here, after some consideration, I have decided to hold my first stock trading course in March 2015. I will post more info on it in this blog from next month onwards. Do watch for it.

With this stock trading course, I will be able to help more people improve their standard of living, live their desired lifestyle and have more time for themselves and their family. They will have no worries over job security, over their children education fund, over their retirement fund, over their bill, over their next holiday, etc. Because all these will be paid for by the market. This should be the way, no other way.

Man Created The Market. Man Should Benefit From It.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

It is BreadTalk time again !

BreadTalk is giving money for shareholders to buy its premium bread again. Don't miss it.

Stop buy or buy only @ $1.46
Stop loss @ $1.375

China Fund - One Good Investment

Today, I received a statement on the fund performance of one of my students who attended my Unit Trust Seminar on 25 October 2014.

From the statement, it showed that he invested $40 000 into Schroder Greater China Fund on 12/11/2014 at $2.959 and exited last Friday on 5/12/2014 at $3.031 netting a profit of $966 (2.4%) in 3 weeks, just before the china market collapsed this Monday.

I am very impress with his performance because he is able to master the technique that was taught during the 3 hours seminar and use it to enter the market to extract profit from it in a safe and steady manner.

I feel happy for him as he is able to use this new financial knowledge to grow his CPF and cash to retire comfortably in his golden years. He will have no problem meeting the CPF minimum sum scheme.

I am again looking forward to this saturday seminar to impart my knowledge to the new batch of student.

One Good Investment A Year Will Secure Your Golden Year

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Shorting Dead Stock Vs Dividend Investing

Today, my protective stop for Ezra was trigger at $0.55. This stock call was posted here on 17/11/14.

I am still holding on to my short trade on Hyflux, waiting for my protective stop to be triggered to collect profit. Hyflux was posted on here on 12/11/14.

Some people use income/dividend investing to receive dividend from their stocks once or twice year.

I shorted dead stock to receive dividend everyday.

Dead stocks are everywhere and can easily be found in the market or in this blog. They are being dumped by BBs and Traders and the chances of them being alive are very slim. Hence, there is no need to fear these stocks.

Yet people chose to waste their time and effort to hunt for ideal dividend stock that give them high dividend and when the market is down, they lost money on the share price. The best part is, some even buy these dead stock because they are cheap! Have you ever see a person going to an aquarium shop to buy a dead fish or going to a florist shop to buy a dead plant?

No wonder Warren Buffett said that there is a perverse human characteristic that like to make easy thing difficult. I totally agree with him.

Giving And Receiving - One of the Universal Principles

It is my belief that one has to receive gratefully and to give voluntarily and generously. The more one gives the more one will receives.

This is one of the reasons why I give stock tips on this blog regularly to help readers make extra money from the stock market to improve their standard of living.

As the year 2014 is coming to an end, let end it meaningfully by donating part of our profit or bonuses to charity.

Personally, I have been giving regularly to World Vision Singapore to aid in their mission in improving the lives of children in poverty-stricken countries. Children are innocent and they should not suffer unnecessarily. 

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing the smile on a child's face, knowing the gift you gives met their needs. You can give a freezing child winter clothing, children with illnesses life-saving medicine and other gifts that can save the lives of children and families struggling to survive.



My Golden Cash Cow is back again !

Innovalues had turned into my Golden Cash Cow from Cash Cow because it had given me numerous profit previously. See here.

Today, there is an entry signal.

Stop buy or buy only @ $0.50
Stop loss @ $0.465

I am looking forward to this Saturday Unit Trust Seminar whereby I will be teaching the strategy of extracting profit regularly from the global market using Unit Trust to grow our CPF and cash in a safe and steady manner. 

For those who are coming, be prepare to stay till 7pm ( although seminar ends at 4.30pm ) if you have queries or doubt on trading and investing. I will try my best to solve them. Hope we can turn this into another fruitful and beneficial seminar. 

If you would like to know how I can double your money every 3 - 4 years using Unit Trust, do register for the seminar here.

Monday, 8 December 2014


I first made a short call on Osim on 11/8/14 at $2.69 and mentioned that this stock may have reached its peak. Since then, it had experienced a steep fall to $1.645 reached on 4/11/14. See here.

Today, there is an entry signal to short it again. Dont waste it !

Stop sell or sell using CFD only @ $1.995
Stop loss @ $2.21

Buy Stock Make Money. Sell Stock Also Make Money. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Super Group

Super Group is a super downtrend stock. Time to short it again while waiting for the market to pullback.

Stop sell or sell using CFD only @ $1.12
Stop loss @ $1.24

Genting Sing

Another super downtrend stock for shorting.

Stop sell or sell using CFD only @ $1.085
Stop loss @ $1.135

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


This stock gapped up 2 days ago. Today, there is an entry signal.

Stop buy or buy only @ $0.43
Stop loss @ $0.405

Innovalues - One Good Bar !

I love Innovalues - My Cash Cow !  ( Who don't love Cash Cow )

Today, it gapped and ran up by 7.6%. This stock call was posted yesterday.

Currently, the bulls are everywhere. There is China bull running. There is Wall Street bull running. And coming up will be the Japan and European bull.

On 31 Oct 2014, Japan announced that its pension fund (world largest at $1.1 trillion) will invest $250 billion in Japan equity market and another $250 billion in US equity market. The next 6 months will be the best time to invest our CPF and cash fund to ride these bulls. Opportunity comes only once. Don't waste it !

If you would like to learn how to ride these bulls safely to grow your CPF and cash fund, do register for my upcoming Unit Trust Seminar here.

One Good Investment A Year Will Secure Your Golden Years

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Innovalues is one of my favourite stocks and cash cows. See how this cow gives me money here.
Today, there is an entry signal.

Stop buy or buy only @ $0.465
Stop loss @ $0.425