Thursday, 10 July 2014

No stock call today

This afternoon, the selling in European Market accelerated because the CPI index from France (second biggest economy in EU) is 0%. This does not bode well for the EU because deflation may have set in.
This may lead to another European Crisis. Furthermore, Italy and Spain are still inflicted with extremely high unemployment rate.

Currently, the European Market is very weak and the trend may have reversed.

US market still looks strong and Asia market are mixed.

STI is at a crossroad. I don't know which direction it will take.
I am waiting patiently for the signal to enter the market again. When doing trading and investment, you need to be patient,or else you will become a patient (financially).

Today, the financial market moves very fast. With the correct knowledge, tool and system, your money or wealth will grow very fast. For those who don't have a CFD account, it is time you open one to get ready to short sell the market if the time comes. You can only short sell and hold a stock with a CFD account. Usually, CFD account are offered by foreign broker like Saxo, CMC, IG market, etc.


Gold have been creeping up everyday since I first posted it on 19/6/14 ( see all my gold posting under gold label ). Gold may become the top performer this year.

For those who have suffered some losses in the last 2 days, I am very confident that if you follow closely the daily stock call on this blog, you will recoup them back.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Ezion - Did you see it !

This morning Ezion gap down by 3%. Even stop loss also cannot save you if you long this stock!

As posted here on 22/06/14, I called for a short on this stock because the BBs had left and there is a big double top formation. This stock is gone because it had broken the big support at $2.07 which is tested 3 times. The targeted price is around $1.77.

This is another interesting stock because I received many emails asking me why I called for a short when the company fundamental and revenue are good. Others asked me whether they can buy this stock because it is near the support level at $2.07. The BBs had already left the stock, yet these people want to buy it! As usual, I didn't reply to those emails because I don't have the time. The FAQ on this blog will help these readers a lot.

I trade and invest according to the chart. If I am wrong, I cut. If I am right, I ride. I am able to do that because I believed in my system which is 85% accurate. Any stop loss will be easily replaced by the winning trade.

I only managed to short sell this stock on 30/06/14 as my stop sell order was triggered. I hold on to this stock for 9 days and today I am rewarded.

The reason why I only posted 1 or 2 stock call a day is because you only need 1 good trade a day and 4 good trade a month to solve all your financial woes. If I posted a list, you will get confused !


This market sell down will be a short one. Probably last for another 3 days. After that we can enter again. Just be patient and wait for opportunity.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

No stock call today

Beware! STI may be forming a head and shoulder pattern. The support is at 3234. The volume have been going down for the last 2 months. The BBs have recently started to sell slowly.

STI will continue its uptrend only if it break 3311. It will sell down only if it break 3234.

For me, I will not buy any more stock but instead looking to manually sell off  my holdings from tomorrow onwards. I will sit on the sideline and wait patiently for opportunity again.


Gold is forming a very nice bull flag as shown on my Unit Trust Investing System. High chance it will break out if there is a market correction or if US inflation rate go up again.

I have posted the Gold entry on 19/6/14 and 20/6/14 on this blog. If you have missed this precious metal preciously, this may be your last chance to enter before the bull flag breakout. You can buy a gold unit trust fund, ETF, etc.

My clients' gold Unit Trust Fund is doing very well since I entered on 23/6/14 and is making around 5% since then. I will post the performance here after I had switched out of the gold fund.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Vibrant Group

A fast and furious stock. Vibrant Group is poised for a breakout. For quick profit and intra-day trade only. Exit once the profit is good.

Entry : stop buy or buy at $0.13
Exit : stop loss $0.124


1) If you have profited or benefited from this blog, kindly share this blog with others on your facebook, twitter or other social media so that more people can make money. You can use the 'share it' box on the right. Let's make this a Money Making blog.

2) The entry signal for the 2 stock calls posted yesterday have not been triggered. You can still trade them tomorrow.

After a pullback of 2 weeks, this stock may start to go up again. The last 2 weeks of selling are done by trader/speculator. The BBs are still holding on to this stock. You can enter again.

Entry : stop buy or buy @ $0.335
Exit : stop loss @ $0.295

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Frequent Asked Question

This is crazy. This afternoon when I opened my Windows Live Mail, it was flooded with email. At first I thought my email was being spammed or there is a virus in my computer. At a closer look, actually bulk of the emails are from readers of this blog. This is the first time in my life that I received such a large amount of email.

Basically, there are 2 categories of email. First category comes from those who want to invest with me in the Unit Trust using their cash and CPF. I will contact you all 2 weeks later to fix an appointment as I need to clear up my appointment for these 2 weeks first before I can schedule new ones.

The second category comes from those who asked me question related to the stock market. I will not reply to these emails because the questions are almost the same. Instead, I will post it here as FAQ.

Qn 1) What is my trading style?

I am a swing trader.I will hold my position for 1 day to a few months. I only intra day trade on penny stock. I will key in my stop buy/sell and stop loss orders in the evening. If my orders are triggered the next day, the trading platform will automatically buy/sell the stock and set the stop loss for me. I will shift the stop loss progressive each day as the price goes up until my stop loss is triggered. You need to be patient and allow the stock to grow. Most of us need to wait for 1 month to get our paychecks. Likewise for stock, you need to wait for a month for your paycheck!

Qn2) What is stop buy/sell?

There are 4 types of orders in the online trading platform. 'Stop buy/sell' and 'Limit buy/sell' order.
'Stop buy' order means my order will be executed only if there is a buy transaction done at that price.
'Limit buy' order means the trading platform will buy at this price or lower. 'Stop buy/sell' orders are usually offered by foreign broking house. You have to clarify all these issue with your broker.

Qn3) How do I know whether the BBs and Traders are buying/holding a stock.

I have a system to track the BBs and traders buying/selling activity which is not shown in the blog.

Qn4) Do I use Fundamental Analysis in my stock pick/trading?

I don't use FA. If a stock has a nice uptrend but the fundamental is very bad, I will still buy/trade it because stock market/price moves 6 to 9 months in advance of the economy/fundamental. The fundamental of this stock may improve in the next few quarters. On the other hand, if a stock has a superb fundamental, but the price is flat or downtrend, will you buy it?

Qn5) How to be a successful trader?

To be successful in anything, you need hard work. If you want serious result, you must be serious in what you do. I believe everyone can be successful. It is just that you have not found that 'MISSING LINK' to success yet. People like Warren Buffett are successful not because they have 2 brains or 4 hands, it is just that they have found their MISSING LINK to success.

Qn6) My view on stock A or the market? Will this stock A go up again?

I really don't know and have no answer to these questions. I trade and invest according to the chart. The chart is my BOSS. He says move, I move because he pays for all my bills, give me an income and provide me with a pension fund.

Qn7) Should I sell away this stock now?

I always put stop loss in all my trade. If you trade without stop loss and when the market moves against you, things will get very messy. Your emotion will be affected, you cannot sleep well which in turn will affect your work. In short, don't trade if you dont want to use stop loss. There are always other means to grow your money like investing in a Unit Trust Fund,etc.

Qn8) What is my target price for stock A?

I only know the target price for 'chart pattern' formation. If a stock entry price is based on chart pattern formation like a bull flag, the targeted price will be stated in the blog. Usually, I will try to ride the trend of the stock till it turns or the BBs are selling it. How much profit you can earn depends on how long you can sit on the trend.

Penguin Int

The price movement of Penguin is very similar to that of Great Eastern ( check out what happened to Great Eastern Stock after I posted it on this blog on 25/06/14 ).

After resting for 1 month it starts to run again. Price action is getting faster. A very nice, well behave trending stock for trading !

Entry : Stop Buy or Buy @ $0.245
Exit : Stop loss @ $0.215

Halcyon Agri

Halcyon Agri had started to rebound after a minor pullback for a week. The BBs are still holding on to this stock. You can enter this stock again and piggyback on them to ride the uptrend.

Enter : Stop Buy or Buy @ $0.92
Exit : Stop loss @ $0.83

Friday, 4 July 2014

Vietnam Fund - 11% return in 1 month

What an impressive return of 11% in a month as compared to fixed deposit return of 0.5% and CPF return of 2.5% a year.

As shown in the first picture, on 12/05/2014, my proprietary Unit Trust Investing System gave me a signal to enter Vietnam Fund and I switched all my client Unit Trust Fund to LionGlobal Vietnam Fund at $0.402. On 13/06/2014, it gave me an exit signal. I exited at $0.447 and switched all my client fund to LionGlobal Asia Bond Fund and Money Market Fund to wait for opportunity to invest again.

The entry signal on 12/05/2014 was accompanied by a Risk Indicator showing a low risk level and likewise, the exit signal on 13/06/2014 was accompanied by a high risk level. This system is able to tell me what to invest, when to invest and when to exit the investment. It has helped many of my clients made insane return on their Unit Trust Investment in the last few years.

You can see another entry signal generated by this system on Gold in my 19/06/2014 posting.

The second picture is a statement from one of my clients benefited from the investment in the Vietnam fund. Her fund increased from $33 406 to $37 093 in one month without her doing anything. In Great Eastern, there is an online Unit Trust Platform called Prestige Portfolio, where I invest and do fund switch for all my client. I decide for them what to invest, when to invest and exit a Unit Trust Fund.

If you invest in Unit Trust and hold for long term, most likely you won't make much or worse lose money.

Today, the financial market moves very fast. With Unit Trust, you can invest in any part of the world when opportunity arises. You can invest in Vietnam, Thailand, China, India, Russia, US, Europe, North Amercia, Middle East, Gold, commodity, technology, property market, bond, etc. Unit Trust will be the next hottest financial instrument to build our wealth in a fast and safe manner.

Always Invest According to the Chart. And remember, one good investment a year will secure your golden years !

I feel GREAT today !!!

Today my Great Eastern and Ezra holding flew and I exited half of my China Gaoxian at $0.054 with a handsome profit.

I also received many emails from readers, thanking me for the willingness to share and posting good stock to trade on this blog. I even received from a reader wanting to buy me a good dinner because she has profited from China Gaoxian. I politely declined her offer and asked her instead to donate part of her winnings to charity or give to those poor elderly Singaporean selling tissue on the street. It will brighten up their days.

My purpose of continuing this blog is to help the readers here make money to combat the ever rising inflation and to build up their retirement fund so that they can retire comfortably. And hopefully they can in turn help the needy out there.

Note that for all recent posting whereby the stop buy or stop sell orders that are not triggered, you can still trade them although I didn't mention the stock again. You can verified with me again their entry price by sending your message here .

Now let's go back to my favourite stock China Gaoxian.

For those who have not entered China Gaoxian, you should kick yourself really hard because there are 2 entry signal where i posted on 24 and 29 June 2014. This may be your last chance to enter !

China Gaoxian had formed a Bullish Flag. If is successfully breakout with high volume, it will reach $0.068.

Entry : stop buy @ $0.058
Exit : stop loss @ $0.046
Target : $0.068

APAC Strategic

Another stock with high traders' buying volume since 6/5/2014.
The BBs have not bought into this stock yet.
You can do intra-day trade and exit when the profit is good.

Entry : stop buy @ $0.067
Exit : stop loss @ $0.054

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Ezra had reversed to uptrend. BBs have started to accumulate it since 29/05/2014 with heavy buying in the last 3 days. There is a resistant at $1.26.

Enter : stop buy @ $1.195
Exit : stop loss @ $1.08


Watch out for Blumont and Medtecs Int. They are going to move soon.

SIIC Environment

SIIC Environment had started to move up after a minor retracement for the last 6 days. This stock tend to move in wave form. Hence you need patience to ride the uptrend.

There is a resistant at $0.18.

Entry : stop buy @ $0.174
Exit : stop loss @ $0.161

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


After I posted this stock on 24/06/14, I received many emails from readers because, it dropped continuous for the next 4 days.

They asked me whether to hold on to it or just manually the position, etc. Some of them had bought this stock based on my call while others had been stuck with this stock for a very long time.

I replied them that the last 4 days of sell volume are low and they are basically sold by a few small cats. The BBs are not selling and this stock tend to move in wave. Furthermore, the stop loss is not triggered.

I am able to hold on to this stock because I believed in my Stock Trading System which has an accuracy of around 85%. My system is able to tell me whether the BBs are still holding on to the stock. If the BBs are no longer in the stock, we better follow suit because we as traders can only piggyback them.

You can enter this stock again. It will go up in the next 2-3 days. There is a resistant at $0.068.

Entry : $0.064
Exit : stop loss @ $0.057

Note :

China Gaoxian, currently the hottest S-chip, had formed a bullish flag and is attempting a last breakout. The next hottest S-chip is Ying Li. Do watch out for it !


A nice trendy stock for trading. Well supported by the BBs. Buyers are coming back.

Entry : Stop buy @ $0.44
Exit : Stop loss @ $0.39

Monday, 30 June 2014


Today, when I opened my trading account, 90% of the counters in my watchlists are red. It has been many months since I last saw this. However, most of the counters' selling volume are low.

STI may reverse in the near term. Those having positions, tighten your stop loss.

Cogent is one of my favourite stock to trade. You can enter this stock again if you miss it previously.

Entry : Stop buy @ $0.48
Exit : Stop loss @ $ 0.45

Note - Those who miss China Gaoxian can enter again tomorrow
            Take note of Jes and LCD Global.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

China Gaoxian


I love this stock. Trading this stock is like riding a roller coaster, it gives me an adrenaline rush.

For those who missed the trade on China Gaoxian which I posted on 24/6/2014, today there is an entry signal again.

China Gaoxian may be forming a bullish pennant and attempting a breakout. It is well supported at $0.048.

Entry : stop buy @ $0.052
Exit : stop loss @ $0.046

NOTE : Do watch out for Jes and Ezion.